Write on Squidoo

Squidoo is where i do most of my writing. It is a strong site that offers writers half of all earnings they produce (their half covers server running costs, development and other expenses, as well as a contribution to charity, a specific of Squidoo). It provides modules for quick content generation. A blog created on Squidoo is called a lens.

The earnings you can make are from different modules where you can sell items via commission (Amazon, Ebay, affiliate links). You also earn from advertising they place on your pages.

Therefore you have a number of ways to earn and they teach you how to use them.

By making a few quality pages, you will see money coming in, if not by sales, then by ads they place on your pages. Squidoo is, just like Hubpages quite powerful. I suggest you start out with Squidoo if you plan on writing for profit. It is a strong site designed to encourage you in many ways to help you monetize your work.

But how do i profit from Squidoo? I want more numbers!
Well as i mentioned before, there are multiple ways of earning a revenue.
The most passive on, one that you do not need to bother setting up yourself are ads. Ads are placed on your site automatically. Clicks on adds, as well as your blog quality, purchases, user interaction (likes and other approval ratings) as well as other factors contribute to a statistic called Lensrank.

Lensrank is Squidoos way of making sure click fraud is avoided. They pool all the add earnings together and distribute them regarding to the rank of your blog (comparing to other Squidoo blogs).
The distribution looks something like this (stats for december 2012, which were all time high and stats for march, which were very low, due to Google changes to their algorithm):

Top 2000 Squidoo blogs: $61.28
The next 8000 blogs:$10.42
Blogs ut to the lensrank 85.000: $0.52

Profits are generally paid out close to the 15th of every month on Paypal.
As you can see 85.000 blogs profit just from ads on Squidoo. I must say that just for being in the lower tiers of this ad pool with 10 lenses means you will earn about 10 $, in any higher tier, the ad profits are much higher.

Other ways of making money on Squidoo
You can sell items through modules provided by Squidoo which link to many online retailers (Amazon, Ebay, Allposters, Cafepress etc). By being a decent writer you will surely convince some readers to make a purchase (i know i have and i am still not a very good writer to be honest). For selling items you earn a certain commission (i think about 4-5% is the most common commission rate). If you sell many cheap items or just a few expensive ones, this can really pay off! For example, my blog on Minecraft toys for kids has already sold enough to pay off my time invested into it in a few months, now it all profits baby!).

You can join the site through this form.



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