Write on Hubpages

Hubpages is very popular and is on similar ground as Squidoo.

It also shares your traffic earnings where you refer someone to another Hubpages site. A very nicely designed page, this one has a lot of internal traffic and works great, especially for American users (there are many on). So far the Hubpages has been nothing but fair to me so i think that the site has potential and boasts a powerful page rank for you to publish under.
A Hubpages blog is called a hub.

Hubpages earning model is similar to that of Zujava and Squidoo. You profit from ads, sales, but as a bonus, you also profit from reffering users to other hubs. This is a specificity of Hubpages. The other one being the way they distribute their profits. Unlike Squidoo and Zujava, which have mechanisms against click fraud (meaning Squidoo and Zujava pool their profits together and distribute them manually), Hubpages pays you for the clicks on your ads directly. That means you get paid for what you bring into the site. I like this model a lot more since pooling money and distributing it manually has drawbacks, especially on Squidoo, where social interaction can hinder some pages from reaching the top tiers, even though they bring in a lot of traffic.

So how do i profit from Hubpages?

The main way to benefit from Hubpages are ads and sales on Amazon and Ebay. Although these are not your only choices, Amazon and ad clicks have proven to be the most beneficial in my experience.
The commission rate is the same as on Squidoo, meaning an average of 4-5% per sale for each product. It may not seem like much, but a quality blog will draw in many readers, all potential customers.
It starts to add up, believe me. With just a few sales of a lawn mower (calculate 5% from a lawn mower, which you did not have to make yourself!) you will be making some respectable money for time invested.

You can sign up though this link.



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