A welcome post

Welcome to the site!

My handle is Markwell and I make money writing online. I have also tried many other methods of working from home. As a parent, it made perfect sense to work from home and do some chores as well. That is why working online has become a favorite of many parents. But I did not start out writing online because I was a parent. I started to write online because the economy in our country offered only long hours, terrible working conditions and low pay. I do not want that for my family and I made sure I earned as much as I could.

This page is dedicated to those who want to generate a main or additional income by working. I can not stress enough that all of the methods I feature on this site require work. It is just like a job, but the hours are flexible and your income will reflect your work.

The downside is, that you are in charge of your life and income. Can you handle that? It is not as easy as it might seem.

If the answer to the question above is yes, take a few minutes and see if the methods I present might work for you.